Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like engaging your senses, especially when it comes to choosing a new kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom design. At Court Homemakers, we are always looking for ways to improve the service that we provide, so in an exciting step towards enhancing your experience, we are now in the process of […]
One More Time
Two decades on from a previous successful project, the Riley family once again turned to Court Homemakers for expert help and advice on an ambitious kitchen and bathroom project.
WOW what a kitchen!
The Robinsons felt that their previous kitchen was never light enough! Natural light was scarce, which made the space unappealing. A kitchen renovation was definitely on the cards and it was Court Homemakers who were chosen to complete the project.
Check in on this bathroom…
When the Robinsons decided it was time to transform their bathroom and give it the wow-factor they felt it deserved, they visited their local Court Homemakers showroom. The displays were great to see, but they already know what they wanted. The bathroom they desired would sit comfortably in any grand hotel.
The heart of the home
The Boothby's had moved into a new build 20 years ago. They loved the house but always felt that the kitchen let it down. It felt disproportionately small and there was a separate utility room and family room which just wasn't a great use of space. Their brief was simple. Open the space up and give the house the heart of the home it deserved.
Spot the difference
Mr & Mrs Madden live in a house built around the year 2000. Having lived with the original builder’s kitchen and a slightly awkward layout of the rooms downstairs they decided that they wanted to make their space work better for them.
What a renovation!
Mr and Mrs W knew their home had a relatively small kitchen in relation to the size of their property and they felt that they were also under-utilising the dining room and a small extension that had been added.
Covid-19 Announcement
Given the swiftly changing nature surrounding Covid-19, we wanted to let you know that both our showrooms remain open as usual in Stockton and Northallerton. At Stockton we’ve even been adding some new displays and at both stores we are in the process of introducing/adding to the hand-cleansing facilities. We’re also taking steps to ensure […]

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