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From Dream Kitchens, to Dream Bathrooms, to Dream Bedrooms. More time is spent in the bedroom than anywhere else in the home. The perfect bedroom has to fulfil many roles and functions, and at Court Homemakers we can help you make the most of your space so that your fitted bedroom delivers in all areas. If you live in Teesside, County Durham or North Yorkshire stop dreaming about your new bedroom and start dreaming in it…

  • Sliderobes JL
    Sliderobes JL
  • Shaker White Avola
  • Premier Grey Avola + White
    Premier Grey Avola & White Text
  • Sliderobes Halifax
    Sliderobes Halifax
  • Bedroom 18
  • Glendale Vanilla Text
    Glendale Vanilla Text
  • Rialto Rift Oak
    Rialto Rift Oak
  • Sliderobes Indeco
  • Sliderobes Halifax
    Sliderobes Halifax
  • Premier Tobacco
    Premier Tobacco
  • Eclipse White Text
    Eclipse White Text
  • Sliderobes Indeco
    Sliderobes Indeco
  • Sliderobes Indeco
    Sliderobes Indeco
  • Harmony Beech
    Harmony Beech
  • Keilder Montana Oak
    Keilder Montana Oak
  • Melbury Lyon