Real Rooms: The Affleck Kitchen

"We wanted our new kitchen to open up the space and flow seamlessly with our outside space. When we saw it we knew instantly that the ‘Fresco Beige & Izari’ kitchen at Court Homemakers was the kitchen for us!" Mrs Affleck

Our brief…

The Affleck’s wanted to open up the kitchen space in their home to bring the outside in. They also wanted something not everyone else had. The ‘Fresco Beige & Izari’ kitchen fitted this brief and as soon as they saw it on display at our Stockton Showroom they knew it was the kitchen for them. So, we applied the design, feel and look of the showroom display they’d fallen in love with into the space they had in their house, adapting it with building work to make the space as open, flowing and functional as possible.Why was there a need for change?

The background…
The existing kitchen was good quality but seemed to have been chosen for its good looks rather than functionality and ease of daily use. Consequently, the Afflecks wanted a kitchen that matched the high standard quality feel of their current kitchen but combined it with the real functionality that they desired and which they knew would work for them as a family. The Affleck Kitchen also needed to be a key space for socialising an family gatherings

The use of lighting and colour…

Initially, the client chose an alternative colour to the one in the showroom. However, they then decided to go with the colour combination on display at the Portrack Lane Showroom but wanted to add some personal touches. Spotlights were used throughout and then LED’s were added under the wall cabinets, above the wall cabinets and around the kick boards to emphasize some of the key features and to lighten up what was a naturally dark space. This gave the whole kitchen a totally different feel.

What do you like best?

“I love all of it!! But my favourite part is probably the addition of the teppanyaki grill which is built into the island. It’s great for cooking all sorts including steak!” said Mrs. Affleck

Were there any challenges?

Yes, there is a chimneybreast in the room and the initial idea was to completely remove it, which proved impossible so, it was incorporated into the design and flow of the kitchen. Now, you would hardly know it was ever there!

Why choose Court Homemakers?

“After we’d viewed the ‘Fresco Beige & Izari’ kitchen in the Stockton showroom, nothing lived up to it. We knew that the new kitchen would include a lot of building work and we needed someone we could trust to do the whole project – that someone was Court Homemakers!” Mrs. Affleck


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