Visually stunning kitchens designed just for you to enjoy.

From sumptuous curves to perfect symmetry , the choice is yours.
From your imagination to reality
From your imagination to reality

We offer a full service Kitchen design, customized for you

Why settle for second best? Enjoy the simple pleasure of a luxurious Kitchen designed exclusively for you

Feel at home

Together, we will build
your dream space

Our experienced design team will work with you to deliver the perfect design for your you and your home

Custom furniture design

Our furniture is manufactured in our Stockton on Tees factory, giving the ability to manufacture bespoke sizes whilst ensuring the highest standards of cabinet making are adhered to.

Personalized designs

You will receive a personalised design , even the simplest of rooms can change dramatically and give you pleasure for years to come.

Simply the Best

All our products are of the highest standard and the quality is easy to see, from custom manufactured and installed pantry cabinets to space saving ideas with pull out mechanisms

Our Designers

Our experienced Designers have many years of designing beautiful spaces for our clients new and old .

Wall Coverings

Options for wall coverings has expanded with simple upstands and splash backs becoming more of the norm, with clients choosing to have painted walls to set off the new Court Homemakers furniture

up-to-date trends

At Court Homemakers we constantly follow the trends ensuring the newest ideas and products are showcased and presented for you in our Stockton and Northallerton showrooms

unity kitchens


light tones mix with the bold brass rail and decadent splashback to give an opulent and stunning design

Our process

How It Works

01 Share your vision

share some initial thoughts with our designer

02 Set a timeline

Set a timeline for your design and installation

03 research & Design

Ask our designer to help you with product information and advice on design

04 Implementation

When you are happy with everything from budget, products and design, we can book in an installation date for your new luxury Kitchen

MOR Shaker

Our showrooms are the best place to see for yourself the quality,craftsmanship and design that Court homemakers have to offer

We are located at low gates Northallerton and Portrack Lane Stockton on Tees where you are free to browse and see for yourself what is on display,.
it doesn't stop there though! each kitchen is custom built and for many of our kitchen cabinets almost any colour you can think of can be applied, making your kitchen even more unique.
If you cannot afford the time to visit us then book an appointment online by sending your details and we will be in touch to arrange an initial home consultation, all at no cost to yourselves