Opening the door to new design possibilities!

When our client wanted a new storage feature in their home they turned to Court Homemakers and Sam, our Design Consultant, took care of the whole project from start to finish.

The brief was to come up with a design that would cleverly hide some unsightly pipes and a boiler room whilst maintaining access to the area. Not only was Sam’s solution striking, it was also innovative because it provided plenty of storage and concealed the required access. The ingenious idea was to build a bespoke bookcase using Court Homemakers own cabinetry to make 3-bookcases with the centre unit being placed on a häfele pivot mechanism with magnetic catches. This meant that from the outside, when decorated with books, no one would ever guess that there was a door, let alone what was concealed behind it! 

To also make the bookcase a prominent feature in the room, a span shelf was fitted above the units to illuminate the area and add interest. The client was delighted with the finished result and thankful they chose Court Homemakers for the project. 

If you’re dreaming about your next home improvement project and you’re not sure how you’ll achieve what you want then give Court Homemakers a call today. They’re bursting with innovative design concepts just like this and will transform your living space into something truly stylish and practical.

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