"A shaker Kitchen In Stockton!"

Why did you choose Court Homemakers?

Our original kitchen, built into the house around 15 years ago, was in need of a refreshing change.

With a basic idea in mind, we reached out to a few companies for quotes.

Among them, Court Homemakers stood out with their exceptional plan that not only met our expectations but exceeded them, especially with their attention to detail.

>It became clear to us that no other company could interpret our brief as brilliantly as they did.
Their promise to complete the work in just three weeks and handle all aspects of the project sealed the deal!

The highlight of our newly transformed kitchen is the stunning Shaker design that provides a delightful view of our garden. This spacious area has become the perfect gathering spot for family and friends, whether it's for casual get-togethers or hosting memorable parties.

Court Homemakers took charge of the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. The focal point of the kitchen became an enlarged island at the center, a decision we initially doubted.

However, it has now become one of our favourite features! Not only does it serve as a captivating centrepiece, but it also offers ample storage with the inclusion of a convenient pull-out pantry cupboard and beautifully designed curved corner cupboards.

The amount of space they created is astounding, and it perfectly accommodates the induction hob, which replaced our previous range cooker. Placing the induction hob on the island was a brilliant suggestion from Court Homemakers, and it has proven to be an excellent choice. In addition to their thoughtful design choices, Court Homemakers went above and beyond by crafting a bespoke shelving unit to fill a corner gap. This custom-made addition fits flawlessly and provides a practical storage solution.

Thanks to Court Homemakers' expertise and craftsmanship, our dream of a Shaker kitchen has become a reality. Their commitment to understanding our needs and delivering beyond our expectations has left us thrilled with the result. We couldn't be happier with our decision to choose Court Homemakers as our trusted partner in this kitchen transformation journey.

We can’t fault them! I know they say ‘Court Homemakers, the name says it all and we are the company that does it all’ – but they really do. I can’t recommend them and their customer service highly enough.
We Love Our Shaker Kitchen!

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Court Homemakers, the premier company specialising in fitted kitchens in the North East, took charge of every aspect of our Shaker Kitchen renovation project, demonstrating their expertise from beginning to end. The captivating island at the center of our Shaker Kitchen truly stands out as a remarkable feature. Court Homemakers not only respected our strong desire to retain it but also expanded its size, exceeding our initial expectations.

Now, the island serves as a striking focal point in our Shaker Kitchen, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship by Court Homemakers. It not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also offers abundant storage options. With the inclusion of a pull-out pantry cupboard and elegantly designed curved corner cupboards, the island provides a practical solution to keep our kitchen essentials organized.

An ingenious decision made by Court Homemakers was to position the induction hob on the island, replacing our previous range cooker. This placement not only adds to the functionality of the Shaker Kitchen but also seamlessly integrates the induction hob into the island’s design, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.

Furthermore, Court Homemakers’ dedication to detail is exemplified by their creation of a bespoke shelving unit, filling a previously vacant corner. This tailor-made addition perfectly complements the Shaker Kitchen’s aesthetic and serves as an ideal display area for our cherished items, while also maximizing storage capacity.

Throughout the entire project, Court Homemakers has shown unwavering commitment to excellence in executing our vision for our Shaker Kitchen. Their meticulous attention to detail, combined with their expertise, has resulted in a transformation that surpasses our expectations. We are thrilled with the exceptional service provided by Court Homemakers and grateful for their ability to bring our dream Shaker Kitchen to life.

Our new shaker kitchen was finished in three weeks, exactly. In fact, everything from start to finish has been done exactly as Court Homemakers said it would be.

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