We’re Zipping the Tyne for the Stroke Association!!

On Sunday 15th March 2015, Paul Davies and Paul Henderson, directors at Court Homemakers, will be zipping across the Tyne for the Stroke Association.


They will be soaring nearly 1000 feet over the River Tyne to raise vital funds for Stroke survivors and their families. On the morning, they will be standing hundreds of feet above the cities rooftops on the top of the Baltic, bracing themselves for the giant descent, nearly 1000 ft!


Stroke Facts

  • An estimated 150,000 people have a stroke in the UK each year
  • Stroke accounts for around 53,000 deaths each year in the UK
  • Stroke is the third most common cause of death in England and Wales, after heart disease and cancer
  • Stroke accounts for 9 per cent of all deaths in men and 13 per cent of deaths in women in the UK
  • Stroke has a greater disability impact than any other chronic disease. Over 300,000 people are living with moderate to severe disabilities as a result of stroke
  • Three times more women die from stroke than breast cancer
  • 10,000 people under the of 30 will have a stroke each year
  • For every £1 spent on cancer research in the UK, around 6p is spent on stroke research


What the money raised could do!

  • £5 helps to provide 15 people with crucial stroke leaflets, such as ‘Communication Problems After Stroke’.
  • £10 can purchase specially designed large-handled cutlery for use by people after stroke.
  • £20 keeps the National Stroke Helpline open for one hour for advice to a single caller coping with a stroke.
  • £50 could contribute to the cost of basic lab equipment to support researchers in their vital work to better understand the causes and treatment of stroke.
  • £100 could provide a day-long course for a member of staff from health or social care by our Education, Training, Information and Support Organisers.
  • £150 allows them to provide a ‘Life After Stroke’ grant for a person affected by stroke.
  • £250 provides audio versions of information leaflets for people with communications difficulties.


If you would like to make a donation to the Stroke Association, please visit: https://www.justgiving.com/CourtHomemakers





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