You know sometimes even your pet surprises you!

Bella is Paul Henderson’s dog and she needed some rehabilitation recently, so Paul took her along to Swim Paws. Swimming is a fantastic way for dogs of all ages to stay fit and healthy, but not every dog is a natural water baby. Paul was surprised at how Bella took to water and you can see the video on our Facebook page. You’ll also hear Paul saying that he’ll put a mention for this local business on the website too. Well here it is…

The owners of Swim Paws wanted to open a place where people could bring their dogs that was a safe, warm, friendly environment where they can reap the health benefits of swimming in an environment where they wouldn’t have to worry about water quality, cleaning up the mess, or standing on a freezing river bank, etc. If you’re a dog owner that would like to get in touch with these guys, take a look at their website here.

As for Bella, she thoroughly enjoyed her swim (despite her earlier trepidations) and is now reaping the therapeutic benefits too. Thank you Swim Paws!

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