When a client decides that they want a freestanding bath in their bathroom, space can sometimes be an issue. However, when a client comes to us with a very clear vision of how they want their bathroom to look, it’s our job to deliver that vision, freestanding bath or not! 
Quote from very happy and loyal customers, Mr & Mrs F:  “We’re very pleased with our new bathroom. It represents why we come back to Court Homemakers time and time again. We knew we would get good quality fittings, a top of the range installation and, ultimately, great customer satisfaction.”
This client contacted Court Homemakers to breathe new life into their aging bathroom, which they felt was dull, beige and uninspiring.
Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like engaging your senses, especially when it comes to choosing a new kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom design. At Court Homemakers, we are always looking for ways to improve the service that we provide, so in an exciting step towards enhancing your experience, we are now in the process of […]
Lighting makes such a BIG difference to a room. It’s an often-overlooked design feature, but in addition to altering the mood for the occupants, lighting can also transform a room’s shape and size.

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