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Open Plan Kitchen: Contemporary Class

Open Plan Kitchen: Contemporary Class

Mr and Mrs McCulloch had chosen Court Homemakers to work after their builder had renovated their previous home, which had been a huge success. It’s little wonder then that they decided to choose Court Homemakers again when they bought a new property that they wanted to extend to create their dream open plan kitchen.

We spoke to Mr and Mrs McCulloch to find out more about the process…

What was the brief you gave to Court Homemakers?

We had some ideas in mind as to what we wanted, but we were also open to see what Court Homemakers could come up with. Having visited their showroom in Stockton, we were completely clown away by one of their displays. However, we did want it to be modified slightly to suit our personal style.

Can you describe the nature of the property, and the space you were working with?

Our builder extended the back of the property and opened up the space so we were able to have the open plan kitchen we’d always wanted. Integrating the kitchen with the dining and living areas across the back of the house gave the area a real open feel, which is accentuated with the bi-fold doors, giving access to the garden and letting in plenty of natural light.

How did you use colour and lighting in the space?

Court Homemakers worked with us very closely to come up with the perfect colour scheme to complement the design and space. We opted for a stone colour throughout to give the kitchen a modern minimalistic feel. The kitchen is naturally bright with light coming through the bi-fold doors, so we opted for some simple ceiling lighting plus three pendant lights for the dining and living area. Behind the centre island, we have also added an LED strip light above the counter to accentuate this feature.

What’s your favourite feature in the finished kitchen?

With the kitchen area being open plan, we definitely wanted a centre island to utilise the space to best effect and to also offer additional workspace. It houses both the hob and sink, and even has enough space for us to use it as a breakfast bar. We also love that the marble effect is continued in the flooring, as it all just fits together so well.

Why did you choose Court Homemakers?

Having worked with Court Homemakers on our previous house, and being so impressed with the quality and outcome, we had no hesitation in contacting them again for this house. Everything was managed seamlessly and they took the time to understand our needs. They exceeded our expectations with the end result and we can’t recommend then highly enough. The result really is a dream come true.

Fact file:

Doors: Court Homemakers bespoke chamfered slab finished in stone colour

Worktops: Dekton (product), Nillium (colour)

Appliances: Neff (ovens, hob, and integrated items), Faber (cooker hood)