Contemporary Kitchen in North Yorkshire

See how Court Homemakers met the Neales' kitchen needs and transformed it into the perfect space for cooking and working whilst also socialising and relaxing.

Mr and Mrs Neale’s Kitchen – The Brief

After being married for a number of years, Mr and Mrs Neale understood their family’s needs. They knew exactly what they wanted to do with their barn conversion to suit their way of life. As a result, they required a kitchen space that would combine cooking and working with socialising and relaxing.

What is the nature of the property and space?

As there was a huge space for the kitchen, the decision was made to divide it into two rooms, separated by the flooring. While the kitchen is tiled, the ‘everyday room’, complete with a log burner, is carpeted.

What are your stand-out/favourite features and why?

With its easy-to-clean, cold granite surface, the two-metre long central island is one of the family’s favourite features. “My daughter loves the island, especially for baking,” said Mrs Neale.

How were colour and lighting used?

The barn is built from stone, so the Neales were keen to contrast that with a contemporary feel in the kitchen. As the windows and doors are Anthracite Grey, the Neales selected a framed, Shaker-style kitchen in soft grey. They also chose a central island in a slightly darker, cement grey.

Why did you choose Court Homemakers?

“That’s easy,” said Mrs Neale. “Paul really shared our vision. He understood how we wanted to live in that room and delivered – the service was fantastic and the whole process was a pleasure from start to finish.”

Were the Neales happy with the result?

“Paul, the designer from Court Homemakers, was the first person who really took our ideas on board,” said Mrs Neale. “When he first came to see the property it was an empty shell, but Paul listened to us and we loved his suggestions.” Most of all, Mrs Neale is thrilled with the walk-in pantry. Paul designed adjustable shelves and lighting to transform the dark corner. “Other kitchen designers said the pantry couldn’t be done unless the fridge/freezer was put on another wall which we did not want. Now, it’s perfect,” she said.




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