The Kell Whitby Kitchen

When Janet Kell decided to maximise the space in her old property, she combined two rooms into one to create a more modern and sleek space with the help of Court Homemakers.
Whitby Kitchen


What was the brief?

It was to combine a very small utility room and the kitchen into one larger room. I wanted a sitting area to look out of the window, use my laptop and watch the birds in the garden. I wanted the big fridge freezers and something very simple that wouldn’t be outdated for a considerable period. Finally, the central island was a pre-requisite.

Can you describe the space and the property?

We’re located just outside Whitby in a wing of a converted old school, which dates before 1900. It was originally a manor house and a school took it over probably in the middle of the 20th century.

What do you like about your new Whitby Kitchen?

I like everything but in particular I love the heated floor with the tiles, it’s fantastic, and I love the curves of the drawers and the storage that Michael gave me with the pull-out cupboards. When I was picking the units, I went for the straight lines and the curves on the cupboards as I like the contrast between them. I was absolutely thrilled with the finished space, it was everything that I wanted.

Can you describe the use of lighting, space and colour?

Most of all the central light which comes over the hob is brilliant – not only light-wise but visually, it’s very stylised and adds a nice aesthetic to this whitby kitchen. The ceiling low-energy halogen lights and down-lighters under the cupboards are all perfect for the purpose. I chose white for the basic reason that I would rather have the colour on the walls than on the units, which are mauve at the moment, and those, combined with stainless steel fridges and radiators, as well as white units, looks perfect.

Can you describe the different zones?

There’s the sink area with the dishwasher and washing machine below it and then in the corner at one of the windows is my seat that I can sit at. Along the back wall are all the fridges and freezers and roll-out cupboards for storage. Then, along another wall, Michael made me a cupboard to store waterproofs, walking shoes and wellingtons and then the next one along is the pull-out cupboard for the microwave and the spice unit, followed by the cooker. The hob is on the island.

What were the challenges for Court Homemakers?

They completed the work in a little under a fortnight and considering that one wall had to come down and all the units were taken out, they did it quickly, especially when some kitchens can take months. At one time, I think there were nine men all in the kitchen and I think it was a challenge for them due to space. We moved out, as we were having our bathroom done at the same time, so they had free run of the entire place.

What are the stand-out features?

I would say the island because it’s right in the middle of the room and of course there are all the reflective lights along the floor which shine up from the tiles, and they’re all around the island, therefore making it a fantastic focal point.

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