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In the Kitchen with Kelly Gaston

In the Kitchen with Kelly Gaston

We joined life coach, mindfulness teacher, interior enthusiast and blogging wonder woman, Kelly Gaston of Aspirational Living, for a cup of tea and a chat in her beautiful Second Nature kitchen from Court Homemakers.

What was the brief?

Kelly and her husband had always discussed how amazing it would be to have an open plan kitchen/dining room so that the family could all be together while preparing meals.

What is the nature of the property and the space?

My husband and I bought this house with the intentions of it being our forever home. It had so much potential to be sculpted to exactly what we’d dreamed of, but the journey was going to be huge. It was clear the rooms hadn’t been decorated for over 15 years. We moved in and started renovations in May 2015, when it was decided we should tackle the kitchen/diner areas first.

What style of kitchen did you want?

A country style kitchen with traditional cronies detailing had always been in our plan. When we moved in, the room was split into separate kitchen and dining spaces, so we knocked through to make the room as one.

Why did you choose Second Nature?

Although Court Homemakers had other kitchens on display, it was Second Nature that blew us away. We found the kitchens to be great quality and great value for money – the best combination. I wasn’t going to compromise on quality, so I was so happy to find a brand that offered both.

What are the standout features and why?

With an open plan kitchen, this gave us space for the beautiful island and extra seating, which is ideal for breakfast time with the boys. The overhead mantle was also a deciding factor for the layout, as we wanted it to stand as a stunning central feature. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

How were colour and lighting used?

We wanted a space that was classic with warm colours. Initially, we had intended to have all of the units in Porcelain, but after seeing examples of two-tone designs in the showroom, we couldn’t resist changing up the colours and adding Partridge Grey.

Why were Court Homemakers chosen to do the job?

After visiting quite a few showrooms in the local area, we decided that Court Homemakers was the retailer for us. Their customer service was amazing and the showroom was beautiful, with Second Nature kitchens on display for us to get a feel of what we would like. The team really thought outside the box, and helped us to envision the kitchen mantle, and to finally decide to create the open plan space. We’re so grateful for their help and would highly recommend their work.