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Another Happy Customer – Jeremy’s Fitted Kitchen

Another Happy Customer – Jeremy’s Fitted Kitchen

At Court Homemakers, we believe our job is complete only when the customer is 100% satisfied with the outcome, and here we have another very happy customer.

One of our team’s designers, Ryan, designed a fitted kitchen for our customer Jeremy, and the result is fantastic.

Once the kitchen was complete, Jeremy kindly sent some feedback: “Hi Ryan. Just to let you know that the kitchen is finished and we’re really pleased with it. Many thanks for your design, it looks great. Can I also add that all the people working on installing it were great but a special mention of Richie who fitted it and couldn’t have been more helpful.”

With this fitted kitchen being one of the first sales for Ryan, we’re incredibly pleased to have received this positive feedback. Our team are proud of this installation and would like to thank Jeremy again for his kind words!